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Flotilla 12-1, Bayside, NY

Division 12, First Southern District

Flotilla Elected Officers
The Flotilla Commander provides the primary leadership and supervision to the Flotilla. The Flotilla Commander is responsible to assure that the overall Flotilla program conforms to the Coast Guard and Auxiliary policies and procedures. The Vice Flotilla Commander has the primary responsibility for administration and coordination of the Flotilla Staff.
Flotilla Commander (FC) Ralph Traub
Vice Flotilla Commander (VFC) Eleanor Greenberg
Immediate Past Flotilla Commander (IPFC) John W. Britt

Staff Officers
Staff Officers duties are to implement and carry out existing polices under the direct supervision of the Vice Flotilla Commander. Staff positions are not honorary, they are there to accomplish a particular portion of the overall Team Coast Guard Mission.
Navigation Systems (FSO-NS) Anthony P. Fico
Communications (FSO-CM) Thomas P. Dean
Communication Services (FSO-CS) Ralph Traub
Finance (FSO-FN) Michael Padovano
Secretary-Records (FSO-SR) Gene R. Lindemann
Information Services (FSO-IS) Ralph Traub
Materials (FSO-MA) Peter Brucato
Medical Liasion (FSO-ML) Diane C. Derin
Marine Safety (FSO-MS) Daniel I. Paul
Member Training (FSO-MT) Theodore E. Prager
Member Training - Aviation (FSO-MT-AV) Peter Talamo
Operations (FSO-OP) Michael D. Kaff
Public Affairs (FSO-PA) John W. Britt
Public Education (FSO-PE) Michael D. Kaff
Publications (FSO-PB) Hope B. Wright
Photo Journalism (FSO-PJ) Hope B. Wright
Human Resources (FSO-HR) Evan A. Greenberg
Vessel Examinations (FSO-VE) Eleanor Greenberg
RBS Program Visitor (FSO-PV) Louis G. Fanelli

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